with a lightning connector


create a compact charger for gadgets with a lightning connector

Beautiful, anyway!

const charger: Beautiful, anyway!

The charger with a lightning connector is designed with attention to detail, its appearance meets all the principles of Apple: compact, beautiful, convenient, neat, no nonsense, everything is aesthetically pleasing and functional, tactilely pleasant and practical. It is strange that guys from Cupertino did not do this by themselves.

Say “No!” to the mess

Thanks to the lightning connector, it has become possible to create a compact charger that allows you to be wireless. Favorite devices are no longer scratched on the floor, but aesthetically hang on the wall.

  • const charger: red
  • const charger: pink
  • const charger: lilac
  • const charger: violet
  • const charger: black
  • const charger: white
  • const charger: yellow
  • const charger: green
  • const charger: teal
  • const charger: blue

The front part — the stand — is made of rubberized plastic.

It is pleasant to the touch, does not scratch the phone, sits softer and does not slip.

For all countries

The construction is designed so that the rotary plug in the factory can be replaced with any of the most popular.

const charger: вилка const charger: вилка const charger: вилка const charger: вилка
  • To disassemble
  • To assemble
horizontal vertical

For any wall outlets

During the process of creating the rotary mechanism, the smallest details were taken into account: it is assembled without glue and soldering, the parts are all fixed securely, the contacts are reliable and durable — everything is done wisely.

At any angle

Sliding contacts in the rotary mechanism are used instead of bending wires, which makes it almost eternal. It is reliably protected from dust and moisture, making it always easy to turn and keep reliably work.

To rotate


The charger’s shell can be cut from a single tube.

The charger has entered into a short list of the FAKESTIVAL
(festival of advertising fakes)

The project was completed on November 28, 2012

We are happy to consider options for cooperation for the production of the charger. We have developed technical documentation, circuit diagrams and drawings of the device.

art director
Vitaly Konstantinov

Eugeny Tcelmer


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